Can Rachel borrow a graphing calculator?

Does anyone local have a graphing calculator that Rachel can borrow while she takes a GRE class? She loaned hers to someone back in her sophomore year of college...

Memorial page for Ericka Johnson

If you have any special memory of or tribute to Ericka Johnson you would like to have included on a memorial page in the Minicon 49 program book, please send it to me. Thanks.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday/holy day in Ireland, but it is an Irish-American holiday here and I am Irish American, so I usually acknowledge it in some way. My family of origin has predominantly Irish heritage, and both my mother and father identified as Irish American (though my father was actually half Irish and half German).

Our younger son is named Patrick (Patrick Kee-Nam, a good American name), which is a name from both my father's father's and my mother's mother's sides of the family. Both my Irish great-grandfathers were named Patrick, and it was my father's and his father's middle name. One Irish great-grandfather was an apparently prosperous farmer and prominent in his community; the other was a laborer.

My paternal Irish grandfather and German grandmother married and gave birth to a store clerk, an electrician, a plumber, two war heroes KIA, and two children who died in childhood and in youth. The three who lived to marry had 17 children (my generation), as well as several who died at birth or in infancy. I have lost count of the next generation and the one after, which include a multiethnic/racial rainbow.

Pretty much the American story.

Free Books

PLEASE read all the way to the end if you are interested.

Free books: This is for locals only, because I don't want to pack them and tote to the post office. (I still have some I need to mail from last time!) I have checked Amazon, and none are worth my time to list and then pack and mail if they sell. If you want to take them and sell them, great. Some are terrific books, but I am getting rid of books I haven't looked at in, literally, years.

Brewton's Index to Children's Poetry, main volume and two supplement vols.

Various quotation compilations--take them all

Various older style manuals, such as "Sports Style Guide & Reference Manual"--take them all

2-volume "Historical Dictionary of Slang," Farmer & Henley, hardbound

2-volume "An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English," by Weekley, softcover

If you are interested, please email me at cak hyphen edit at comcast dot net.
Please do NOT reply here. Thank you.


White Pride

(from my WordPress blog, "Carrying It with Me")
I don't understand the concept of "white pride."

To be fair, I don't really understand "black pride" or "gay pride" or any of those others as well. But since I am white and straight, I am going to talk about "white pride."

I have never grasped the idea of being proud of anything other than one's own accomplishments. I have always been reluctant to say that I am "proud" of my (now adult) children's achievements or character, because those are theirs, not mine. To say "I am proud of you" seems to take credit for something I didn't do. Oh, I know that their dad and I contributed to their lives, but that's just what we were supposed to do, the job of parenting. They are the ones who took our input along with everything else around them and within them, and turned it into wonderfulness.

So how much more strange it seems to me to take pride in things that were done by people who share one incidental, superficial characteristic with me, to take pride in things I made no contribution to at all. And if that characteristic is the color of my skin, my hair, my eyes--something I have absolutely no part in deciding or maintaining--it becomes downright bizarre.

The larger the group that shares the characteristic, the stranger this is to me. To take pride in being Irish American is less weird--"less," but weird--to me than to take pride in being of Irish heritage or to take pride in being European American, and those less weird than to take pride in being "white." Depending on the definition (I'm pretty sure that most people who claim "white pride" would not include as "white" Caucasians such as some [subcontinental] Indians and North Africans), there are hundreds of millions of "white" people alive today. Where is the "pride" in belonging to such a category?

If one is going to take pride in simply belonging to a category, I think that one must also take shame. If one is proud of being white like George Washington, one must also take shame in being white like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. If one wants the pride of belonging to a group that one had no part in joining, one also must bear the shame.

For myself, the pride and the shame of things I have actually done is sufficient for my lifetime.

Cowboy Music I Love: #14 in a Series

Another one of those "stupid things men do for love" songs.

AKICOLJ: What do you call it?

You take a hot dish out of the oven and set it on an item specially meant for that purpose--not a rack, but a small item just for this. What do you call that item?

LATER: ON Facebook, almost everyone is saying "trivet." I think of a trivet as being up on feet, and the dictionary agrees with me. I'm thinking of something flat, maybe ceramic, glass, cork, heavy cardboard, wood, maybe foil-coated, maybe even in the past asbestos (!). If you Google "trivet" and look at images, you'll see some of these, so obviously many people agree. But to me, a trivet has feet and is almost certainly metal. A "hot pad" to me is what you hold in your hand to take the dish out of the oven, but by default I tend to use that word for this thing, too. My MIL calls the thing I am talking about a "hot hot."

EVEN LATER: As I Google around, it seems that "hot pad" is used synonymously sometimes with either "trivet" or "potholder," but those are not synonymous with each other.


Message from Peter Hentges

I finalized arrangements for Ericka's memorial visitation:

Sat, Jan 18
Washburn-McReavy Southeast Chapel
200 Central Ave SE

New blog

I have started a blog, "Thrifting, Fun, & Finds":

If you like thrifting, estate sales, garage sales, etc., please come on over!



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